Location Plus

In order to distinguish their great location in the FrankfurtRheinMain metropolitan area in a better way, the most important players in successful business development have joined forces – the Kreis Offenbach, the 13 towns and municipalities in the district, the Chamber of Commerce of Offenbach, and the District Guild of Craftsmen of Offenbach.

Their joint business development concept has the motto “faster, stronger, smarter”.

Their goal is to optimize service they provide for businesses.

Our self-image

[We] are 13 towns and municipalities with a high standard of life.
[We] represent the interface between business and administration.
[We] promote the concerns of business in a flexible and efficient way.
[We] offer high-quality and professional services.
[We] consider business development as an integrated and sustainable responsibility.
[We] create the best-possible framework conditions for employers and employees.
[We] work in a solution-oriented manner.

Our services

[+] Networking with local and regional players
[+] Providing targeted information
[+] Supplying data and facts about the location
[+] Answering your questions, even those concerning other matters than business development

Professional guidance in

[+] search for real estate / properties
[+] permit procedures
[+] work and residence permits
[+] financing questions and subsidies
[+] business start-up
[+] business succession
[+] search and care for expert work force
[+] marketing measures