About us


Trade and crafts flourish in Seligenstadt since the Middle Ages. Today Seligenstadt finds itself situated right in the middle of the FrankfurtRheinMain metropolitan area. It is an attractive location for small and medium-sized businesses. Direct access to the highway and just within striking distance to Frankfurt airport, provide excellent opportunities in terms of location even for international businesses.

Prominent enterprises in mechanical and plant engineering, as well as suppliers of components for a wide range of industries (for example automotive) are located here already. Seligenstadt is a town where history and modern spirit live together in harmony! Tourism thus plays an important role. With its narrow streets of half-timbered-houses, picturesque spots and impressive sights, it is a town where life and work keep in perfect balance.

Our Location Plus

[+] good medical care through general and specialised practitioners as well as 2 clinics
[+] all types of schools
[+] 2 music schools and an adult education centre
[+] a lot of cultural events
[+] historical old town with a basilica and monastery
[+] a variety of shopping and gastronomy offerings
[+] a wide range of recreational facilities
[+] strong community feel
[+] lots of lively clubs and society to join

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