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The Kreis Offenbach is a corporation under public law. It is represented by the Country Executive Oliver Quilling.

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Fachdienst Presse- und Bürgerinformation
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Legal notices

The Kreis Offenbach strives to deliver current and accurate data and information on its internet pages. However, we exclude any liability or guarantee for the currency, correctness, or completeness of the information and data provided. The Kreis Offenbach reserves the right to make changes or amendments to the information presented here without prior notice.

As per decision dated May 12, 1998 (Case#.: 312 O 85/98), the District Court Hamburg decided that when linking to third party content, the linking party may be liable for this content under some circumstances. According to the District Court, this can only be avoided by expressly distancing oneself from this content. On its internet pages, the Kreis Offenbach has placed links to other sites on the internet and hereby declared expressly that, according to a reasonable verification at the time the links were placed, these linked pages were free from illegal content. The Kreis Offenbach has no influence on the current and future design or content of linked pages. For this reason, the Kreis Offenbach does not accept any responsibility for the legality of the content on the linked pages.

The contents and design of this web site are protected by copyright. Any duplication of information or data, in particular the use of texts, parts thereof, or images requires prior consent of the Kreis Offenbach.

Important notes for use

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Electronic communication

The Kreis Offenbach offers the possibility of electronic communication. For the area of administrative procedures, the electronic communication follows § 3a Hessischen Verwaltungsverfahrensgesetzes (HVwVfG) in conjunction with § 3a Verwaltungsverfahrensgesetz (VwVfG). According to it, the transmission of electronic documents is permissible if the recipient has opened access for this. The Kreis Offenbach has opened this access according to the following technical framework conditions for electronic communication.

E-mail addresses
E-mail addresses have been created for electronic communication per e-mail. The central e-mail address for the Business Development of the Kreis Offenbach is In addition, you can find numerous other e-mail addresses in our internet presence for the Business Development sections in the municipalities and other institutions and organizations. You may also send e-mails to these addresses.

E-mail address
You can contact the District Administration via a central e-mail address. It is

File formats
If you would like to send e-mails with file attachments to the Kreis Offenbach, please note that we do not support all file formats and applications that are usual on the market. The file attachments may not exceed 20 MB since the e-mail is not delivered in this case. We can process the following file formats:

[+] PDF - Portable data file, Adobe Acrobat
[+] TXT - Text format
[+] JPG (JPEG) - Joint photographic experts group
[+] TIF (TIFF) -  Tagged image file

The rules apply only to communication with the Kreis Offenbach and not to references and offers of third parties, such as other agencies. If an e-mail cannot be processed, the recipient will inform you of this. This may be triggered, for instance, by computer viruses, general technical problems, or deviations from the above technical framework conditions.

Legal effectiveness of electronic communication
Electronic communication paths on the internet site of the Kreis Offenbach, in particular per e-mail, are provided exclusively for citizen inquiries, administrative matters, and other non legally binding inquiries. Formal applications for procedures, objections, writes, or similar may be submitted with legal effect to the Kreis Offenbach via the internet or per e-mail. If in case your message contain a corresponding writ, it is necessary to resubmit the text using a fax or regular mail.

Privacy protection

If our internet pages provide the possibility to enter personal or business information (e-mail addresses, names, addresses) then the disclosure of these data by the user is completely voluntary. Our web server analyses accesses to our website statistically. The following data is collected:

by Pixel
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    [+] loading times
    [+] IP address to recognize countries/regions (the IP-address is not stored beyond the end of the respective access.)
    [+] time of access request (file name of original file on our server)
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by cookie (if permitted)
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The recorded data do not permit any other inference to personal data. We therefore cannot create personal user profiles. This information is not passed on to third parties. By using this server you hereby provide your consent. For everything else, the provisions of the Privacy Protection Act apply.


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