Recruitment and training of qualified employees

The strength of every business is and will always be its qualified employees. The good economy has led to a great demand for skilled workers and trainees. A Location Plus of our District is the consultation we provide when searching for suitable employees, a good qualification program, and a modern educational landscape.

Employer service of the Kreis Offenbach - targeted placement

The goal of the employer service of the Kreis Offenbach is customer-oriented all-round care of businesses in filling a work place or trainee position. This ensures permanent and perfectly fitted staffing of job openings.

What we offer you:

    [+] Help with the time-consuming, often cost-intensive search for suitable employees
    [+] Provision of a preselection of suitable applicants
    [+] Scheduling interviews and, if requested, guidance in job interviews
    [+] Information about possible funding with wage subsidies and integration support
    [+] Determination of current personnel requirements and support in personnel development questions

You can find additional information at «Employer services« on the internet page of Pro Arbeit AÖR of the Kreis Offenbach.

University of Cooperative Education - Business in focus

Most businesses currently suffer from a lack of qualified employees. This affects in particular medium-sized businesses. Many high-school graduates hardly know the attractive medium-sized employers in their own region. Consequently, there are no applications. The University of Cooperative Education, one of the largest providers of dual degree programs in Germany, helps its 120 partner businesses find suitable qualified employees and train them together with the businesses.

The high-school graduates look for providers of dual degree programs and thus first contact the University of Cooperative Education. The professional academy forwards the applications to the businesses. Trade fair visits, online recruiting, speed dating events, school visits are often the basis for young people joining our partner businesses. In the meantime, the professional academy places over 70 percent of annual beginning students with affiliated partner businesses. These trainees would likely not have joined these businesses without the professional academy. An essential added value which our cooperating businesses greatly appreciate. Employee integration is also a convincing argument for the dual degree program. At the moment, more than 90 percent of our graduates remain in the partner businesses and continue to develop excellently. The company Softbauware, a medium-sized partner business of the University of Cooperative Education from Langen, currently employs 18 graduates and students of the professional academy. That is more than 30 percent of its entire staff.

For more information go to the internet page of the University of Cooperative Education.

FrankfurtRheinMain – finding international skilled employees

„Germany’s Best Place –“ is the Welcome Portal of the Metropolitan Region FrankfurtRheinMain. Here newcomers receive all information they need on arriving, working, studying and living in the region at one spot. Also, the interactive map of the Metropolitan Region helps finding specific regional information quickly.

At the same time the portal offers a whole range of information for businesses. Themes covered in detail are amongst others:

[+] International skilled workers from the EU and third countries
[+] Costs and benefits of recruitment
[+] Legal framework
[+] Job advertisements
[+] Application process and hiring
[+] Supporting newcomers
[+] Diversity in the workplace

Federal Employment Agency - Training, recruiting and developing qualified personnel

Many businesses are no longer able to fill all their positions in the usual manner. In order to cover their need for qualified employees, businesses should thus have the courage to use new, alternative paths to find the needed personnel.

Training young people and young adults who may not fit exactly at first glance, hiring new employees who still have to be qualified for the specific business, or qualifying "untrained personnel" at the business are three possible alternatives which can lead to the successful filling of a qualified job opening, with the financial help of the employment agency.

The requirements of job opening do not always match 100 percent with the current selection of employees. On the other hand, there are many qualified employees who could be made fit for business by requalifying or qualifying them. However, this requires the business to be willing to compromise in the treatment of professional deficits and the willingness to hire employees who still need to be specifically qualified on location in the company or may require more professional help in the beginning. In many cases, businesses are reluctant to make the necessary investments for this.

This is exactly where the different types of assistance measures of the Employment Agency Offenbach kick in.

For instance, we subsidize necessary on-the-job-training or qualifications with so-called induction subsidies to wages; during the training we offer educational support to trainees and/or finance it; we make it possible for businesses to further qualify employees without loss of wages.

Visit the internet page of the Federal Employment Agency or speak to the employees of the Employment Agency Offenbach personally to find out more.

In addition, the employment agency provides a free information portal which provides a current overview of the qualified employee structure in the region. Interested parties may register here and stay up to date on the trends.

IHK - Gaining / training / recruiting qualified employees

Searching and retaining qualified employees is one of the greatest challenges of our member businesses. Even today, many job openings and training positions remain vacant. Finding qualified employees, training them in the company, and recruiting them with the employer are important components to keeping a business successful. In addition, the training and hiring of refugees will become more important.

Find all information on the topic of qualified employees at IHK Offenbach am Main.

Pittler ProRegion Berufsausbildung GmbH - Continuing education

For the training and continuing education of adults, the PBA has developed a comprehensive training program with basic and advanced courses in the following focus areas

    [+] CNC technology: CNC turning and CNC milling
    [+] SPS control technology
    [+] Drive technology, pneumatics, hydraulics, and electro-pneumatics
    [+] 3D-CAD Solid Works

For more information please go to the section "Continuing education" on the Pittler internet page.